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Monday, October 30, 2017

Mommy On The Go: Nutritionist Mommy Lu Caravana

"A Mother Wears Many Hats", they say, and this is certainly true about our very first Featured Mommy here at our Tambayan. 😊

Our Featured Mommy is Luningning "Lu" Caravana, a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian, a financial advisor, a nutritionist for the Philippine Olympic Committee, and a resident Nutrition Resource Speaker for GMA TV Shows like Unang Hirit, and Mars, and international organizations like Greenpeace and Makesense. She was also featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho's "Oh My Gulaysegment. Also known as Dietitian on the Go, creator of Detox on the Go, and a very much in demand resource speaker for different companies, Lu is more than just an extraordinary mom. It may seem like it's impossible to do everything that she does but she can actually do them all! Despite all the hats she wears, she still manages to go to church, and most importantly take care of her two precious sons.
How does she do it? We'll find out today.

Hi Mommy Lu,  please tell us about your kids.

My two boys are Raphael, who is now 6, and Miguel, who is now 9 years old. I must say that they are equipped in a way that they can really take care of themselves. Whenever I have clients or patients, they will do the chores by themselves since we don't have helper. They are trained to do their homework, clean, take a bath, prepare their baon or snacks for school. And aside from being responsible at a young age, they are both ranked first in school and are actively involved in sports, dance and chess competitions.
Mommy Lu with kids Miguel and Raphael
My kids are also entrepreneurs in their school. They initiated to make fruit popsies that they can sell in school because they want to save money from their own business.
Most importantly, they are actively participating in our kingdom ministry which they attend regularly twice a week.

Wow, Mommy, you have really impressive sons despite your busy schedule. What do you do for a living?

I am a freelance Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian and Financial Advisor.

So, what exactly is your advocacy?

My advocacies are in line with Nutrition and Agriculture. Firstly, to help every Filipino become aware that proper diet that is sustainable. I also educate the public and my clients about Nutrition and Health, and how to prevent and cure diseases through food.

I also created Detox On the Go to help and support local farmers so they can earn more and this also raises the demand for organic fruits and vegetables, which can also, in a way, encourage them to supply these organic produce and plant local fruits that are none existent nowadays.

Mommy Lu is also the creator of Detox On the Go
Could you please tell us more about Detox On the Go? What is it and how does it work?

Detox On the Go is two-day detox program  helps eliminate toxins in our body from the food we have eaten. It helps in regulating bowel movement, treat chronic constipation, and it also helps lower cholesterol levels. In effect there's also an average weight loss of 2 kilograms from their body weight,  and 2 inches from the waistline.

I have athletes from UAAP fighting maroons who have improved their performance after the detox and  nutrition program and one of them is now part of Barangay Ginebra.

Mommy Lu with Encrico Manuel, Jett Manuel, Paul Desiderio, Ibrahim Oattara, and Boj Aleta

It really means your program is really effective, and you have helped a lot of athletes. Ang galing! Where do you attribute your success, Mommy Lu? We also learned that aside from Detox On the Go, being a freelance Nutritionist helped you be able to have 2 property investments and a car of your own. Is there a secret to your success and can you please share it to other mommies?

I have achieved these through our Creator. By the time I started attending the meetings regularly, it gave me the path where to go. I realized that in everything we do, we must always consider His Will. In every work I do,  my first intention is to help and everything good follows.

And of course, my kids are my inspiration and the reflection of my works manifest in them.😊

On point, Mommy Lu. May we ask lang, since you are a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian, isn’t there more pressure to keep your kids healthy since you are a nutritionist yourself?

No pressure at all.  My kids are used to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and I'm confident that this has boosted their immune system already, that's why they don't easily catch viruses and bacteria.
In addition, by being a Nutritionist, it's easier to help and educate mothers in schools on how to boost their kids' immune system, since I am also a mother myself.

You have mentioned your commitments and how you share your knowledge to others, but how do you spend time with them with the handful of work you do? 

We attend a Church meeting twice a week. After going to Church, we hangout at the grocery to buy the foods they want. We also make their favorite dessert weekly.

Mommy Lu also leads her sons to attend their Church meetings and gatherings
It seems like you have magic, and we hear you don't even have a maid. How do you manage the home even without a maid?

Huh! My home... is a mess. You won't see dirty clothes but the clean clothes are piled up like a mountain. I do the cleaning every other day in just 1 hour at the same time, I cook and deliver their lunch by 10am, then leave home for client meetings. Reports are made from midnight onwards. I also do carwash weekly too.  I wake up 6am and sleep at 2am daily.

You're such an amazing homemaker too! How do you make sure you give the exact same attention to your two sons?

I make sure kapag nilambing ko Si Kuya Miguel, ganun din si Raphael.  When they need to be disciplined sabay din sila since silang dalawa naman lagi may kasalanan.

Of all the hats Mommy Lu wears, her most favorite one is her "Mommy Hat"
Yes, discipline sometimes can be difficult for us to execute as mommies. Something we really don't like to do but we need to. 

So aside from the lambingan, what do you like best about being a mother?

I'm empowered to move and always be on-the-go, and always be at my best to set a good example to them. I need to be the bravest for them.

What advise could you share to other mommies on how to manage their time taking care of their kids whilst pursuing their passion/advocacy?

Yes, totoo po, mahirap mag palaki ng mga anak and we really need to focus sa kanila. Pero mas masarap sa pakiramdam na nagpapalaki tayo ng mga anak at the same time mas marami tayo natutulungan na kapwa sa paraan na napapagaan natin ang buhay nila, not only through material things but also the different kinds of support that we can give them. Lagi natin naririnig TIME Management, but how?

Una, alamin po natin kung ano talaga passion natin. Saka natin samahan ng pure intentions. Sa lahat ng gagawin natin ipadama natin that we really care and everything follows. Kailangan maging selfless tayo para makatulong ng buo sa iba at lahat ng mabuting bagay ay darating.

Lastly, a mommy needs to hang out sometime and spend time for herself, where do you usually hangout or tambay?

I'm happy when I'm driving where beautiful sceneries are along the way. With that masaya na ko at mas masaya kapag alam ko na may natulungan na naman ako.

Thanks for sharing Mommy Lu, we really appreciate how you took the time for a virtual interview despite your busy schedule. You are really are an inspiring Mommy On The Go, Mommy Lu, and we hope to inspire other mommies in our Tambayan to pursue their passions and prioritize their family and children while they chase their dreams. 

To contact Mommy Lu:
Facebook: @DietitianOnTheGo
Visit her Official Website Here:

You may watch Mommy Lu's feature in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho's "Oh My Gulay" segment here:

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