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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Mommy Marivic Jimenez-Camantigue: Lucky Mom of Seven on How to Manage the Family and Work

March 07, 2019

When a woman becomes a mother, she suddenly takes on a totally different role from all other roles she has taken and becomes a woman of power! She can do anything for her children and she will do everything! And while many mothers think two or three kids are a handful - and would need special mommy powers, our featured Mommy today who has seven kids (yes, you read that right!) isn't even complaining a little bit! She doesn't even have household help or a nanny to help take care of them! What will even surprise you is that she is even able to handle her role an online freelancer helping with the operations and admin of a US client! I can see your amazement just by reading this!

To answer your many questions on how she manages her family, let us get to know Mommy Marivic Jimenez Camantigue, and get to know more about having a family blessed with 7 beautiful children!

Hi Mommy Mavhic, please tell us about your kids?

I have 7 amazing and wonderful kids ( 6 girls  and 1 boy) .They are the Liams, my Kyle and the Colours of my life .  Bawat isa sa kanila has their own unique traits . Most of our friends and colleague found their nicknames quite interesting.  I was  the one who gave them their Birth name but their father has given them interesting nicknames ( para di daw maging sakitin mga anak nya).

The colours of Mommy Mhavic's life: Her Liams and Kyle 
My eldest daughter  Liam Dimple is turning 16 this coming March 31- Impoy as we fondly call her is the leader, the brain and my other half when it comes to taking care of her siblings. I can always depend on her   sa mga household chores especially if I need to sleep. Bilib na bilib ako sa panganay ko kasi  she still manages to stay on the top of her class kahit may mga responsibiities sya sa bahay.

Liam Zoe or Purunggay ,  10  and is a Grade 4 student, she got most of her traits from her dad.  Very friendly, maboka sa mga teachers ( kaya laging teacher’s pet), she is always sharing her baon sa mga classmates nya na walang pagkain lalo na sa recess. She’s the one in charge sa pag-aalaga sa bunso namen. She is very sweet, pinakamaasikaso sa lahat. Whenever she sees me doing something, lagi nya akong tinatanong if okay lang ba ako, always offering me something to drink or eat lalo na pag me ginagawa ako.

Kyle Clifford or Benok, 9  our only  boy was the most soft spoken of them all. Pinakamabait at masunurin sa lahat. Even at school, his teacher always compliment him of being mabait and marunong sa klase.

Liam Mackenzie, 8  she is Ponyang to us- our crybaby, the singer of the group. She always see to it that  she  has  a well combed hair  with baby powder on her face. The palaayos and always tagged as pinakamaarte sa lahat.

Pepot and Chin-chin: Mommy Mavhic's littlest ones from her brood of 7
Ambher Cherie or Minyang, 6 is very charming and sweet. she always have her ways of winning others heart. Very madaldal, witty and most of the time tactless.  She will say things as she sees it.

Scarlet Sophia, 5 or Pepot to us is one sweet kid. very clingy pa din sa akin. Pepot knows what she wants , if the rest of her sister wants Barbie and stuff she is fascinated with cars. Benok, being a good kuya would reluctantly shares his toys with Pepot. She never fails to say good morning or good night to me. Nag goo-good night yan kahit tanghali kasi alam nya na matutulog na ako.

Our bunso, Lilac Victoria 2,  Chin-chin to us , is  our daily dose of happiness, madness and love.  Being the bunso has its perks and Chin is enjoying it so much. She has all our attention and she always drives us crazy.  Her ate’s and kuya we’re always complaining dahil sa kakulitan nya, she knows what she wants and gets what she wants…

Did you plan to 7 children? And how different is your pregnancy with each of your kids?
Mommy Mhavic planned to have 2 kids,
but was blessed with 7 beautiful children!
I consider every pregnancy as a blessing, though we only planned to have 2 kids lang.  I believe if it’s  meant for you  it will be given to you. My first 2 daughters were planned kaya malayo ang agwat ng edad nila. The rest has been an unexpected blessings from above in which I gladly received. We have been using different birth control methods after  I gave birth to Purunggay pero pag talagang para sa ‘yo, ibibigay talaga sa ‘yo eh.  Hindi ako maselan mabuntis, working pa din ako nuon sa Corporate World. Lahat sila normal delivery except sa bunso ko na CS ako. I have a leaking amniotic fluid  during my delivery month and my OB decided to put me in C-section kasi natutuyuan ang panubigan ko. I never felt pain nor contraction during that time so CS was our immediate action to avoid further complication sa baby. Sinabay na din ang pag ligate sa kin   and my baby needs to be injected of antibiotic for 7 days kasi nakakain  na sya ang poop sa loob.

We learned that you also are working as an online freelancer, and you don’t even have house help, how do you manage your time?

Girl power!!!! Hahahaha , Just kidding. Lahat nakaschedule na yan and it needs to be followed. Lucky for me part time lang ako kay client and I only need to work for 6 hours a day on weekdays and 16 hours on weekend. The first half of my shift starts at 9 PM to 12 MN  and 7 AM to 10 AM so I am free  after 12  am to  7 AM. I’m taking advantage of my free time either to sleep, gumawa ng projects/ reviewers,/ assignment nila, and to iron their clothes, prep time sa pagpasok. 5 AM gigisingin na sila, cook their breakfast. 6 silang pumapasok, so si bunso lang ang naiiwan while I’m taking the second half of my shift- usually madugo ang umaga ko
Liam Dimple, Mommy Mhavic's firstborn helps her around the home.
lagi kasi pasaway ang bunso being at the stage of  “terrible 2”. Andun ung sumisigaw pag hindi ko pinapansin, I make it a point to keep her busy ng mga ganitong oras. While on shift nagluluto na ko ng Lunch namen, after shift linis ng bahay, ligo ke bunso, salang ng labahin and prep for Lunch na. After lunch- linis uli ng bahay, hugas ng pinggan. Nakakatulog ako ng mga 3 PM. Gising uli ng 5 Pm to prep dinner, icheck ang mga assignments, sampay ng nilabhan. Eldest ko na ang in charge sa dinner- sya na ang naghuhugas ng pinggan, naglilinis ng kalat  while  si Purunggay ang in charge sa pagpunas ke bunso at pagpatulog.

Galing! You must be an amazing mom to raise such kids. How do you make sure you give enough quality time for them given that you also work online everyday?

I make it a point to  ask them kung ano ang ginawa nila sa school, kung pasaway ba sila stuff like that.  I am always there  to assist them if me homework or project sila. With my eldest, since nasa teenage stage na sya- I always make her feel na  andito ang ako lagi para sa knya, that she can talk to me whatever problems na meron sya.
We also  have our family time during Sunday like going to church or we watch our favorite movie at home.
Sundays are meant for family time for the Camantigue family.
You are more than more than a super mommy, and your kids are lucky to have you!
Our research also said that you were able to invest in a car because of your work! How do you manage your finances?  

My client is a very generous lady, part time lang ako sa kanya  but  I am earning around 50K each month. She always adding some amounts sa invoice ko sa kanya. Sobrang bait niya and she always recognizes my effort as her VA. I am  also lucky to have a sister in law who always have my back when it comes to finances, Everytime  na my kids needs something that is out of budget, she’s always there to the rescue.. My husband is into a buy and sell business din ng mga kotse and hopefully if things go well as planned makakabili kami ng lupa this coming months.

Mommy Mhavic is also a freelancer working as a Virtual Assistant
Wow! You are so blessed talaga, pero do you ever struggle with balancing your time with work and your family?

Not really, the reason that I decided to work from home after 10 years of being in Corporate World it’s because I wanted to take care of my  kids while earning for a living. One of the perks of working from home that I enjoyed so much  ay yung nakikita ko ang mga anak ko  24/7, see them sleeping at night, at pag me sakit sila hindi ko na kailangang umabsent para maalagaan sila.

What would you advise moms with many kids and still want to work?

As long as you have the determination and willingness to make it work- you can earn   and at the same time take care of your family even without a helper . It’s not an easy road to take  pero worth it, tayo namang mga Nanay we are willing to sacrifice para sa kapakanan ng ating mga anak. If I can do it of course you can do it as well.

Thanks for your encouraging advise, Mommy Mavhic. You are such a dedicated mom and your kids are blessed and lucky to have you! Where do you credit your successes from?
Lucky Mom of 7: Mommy Mavhic's kids are her inspiration

I was raised by my Lolo and Lola, up to these days I still don’t know who is my real father and my mother passed away when I was only 1 ½ year old. Lumaki ako sa hirap, my Lolo was a caretaker of one of Hacienda in Negros at naisip ko na kung hindi ako gagawa ng paraan I will end up just like them.  Nung high school at college ako  namasukan ako as Katulong  in exchange sa pagpapaaral sa akin. It’s not easy and I remember  me mga  moments noon na sometimes di ko maintindihan why I need to face these kinds of struggles in my life. And I promised myself, none of my kids will never experience my hardships before.  My kids are my strength- sa kanila ako kumukuha ng inspirasyon at lakas to strive for more sa work ko.

Wow, you've really been through a lot, but you are more than overly blessed now. Sobrang nakakainspire ang story mo, even if you weren't a mommy pa!

Lastly, how do you take care of yourself while balancing your role as a mommy of 7 and as an online freelancer? May favorite ka bang lugar na gusto tinatambayan? How do you take care of yourself?

Actually  I am more of a homebody type of person, kahit nung nasa Corporate World ako I am more of work-bahay lang.  My husband was able to encouraged me na mag jogging even for an hour a day to stay fit and healthy. My way of recharging myself? A good book to read, nice movie to watch and sometimes I’m baking - solve na ako dun.
From time to time if me extra budget kami we go out of town kasama ang mga kids. Minsan kami lang mag-asawa that serves as pinakadate at bonding na din namen.

Thank you Mommy Mavhic! Your story is a testament na kayang kaya ang lahat para sa mga anak! I’m sure marami ang maiinspire sa story mo, lalo na sa mga mommies na walang yaya or sa mga mommies na gusto pa rin magwork while taking care of their kids. Sobrang bilib kami sa story mo and we are definite that maraming mga mommies ang mabibigyan ng encouragement through reading your story. Thanks for sharing your time and your story, alam namin na this takes some of your precious time to take care of everything and yet, you still took the time to inspire other mommies. More blessings to you and your husband, and your seven lucky and blessed children. Mommy’s Tambayan is more than just lucky to have featured you!

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