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Featured Mommies

Mommy's Tambayan actively checks the profiles of the nominees. Once a mommy gets nominated, we usually do our research and decide when they could get featured. Sometimes, it would really take a lot of time for a mommy to get featured in the website as we limit the features to a maximum of three mommies every week. We are seeking for someone who is inspirational, someon who lives by her advocacy and someone who upholds good values.

However, if a mommy doesn't get featured, that doesn't mean she isn't inspirational, it may mean we are still searching for more information about the nominee and that may take a little more time as we aim to give our readers the most credible inspirational features.

Product Reviews

Mommy's Tambayan aims to inform mommies of the latest products that can help them decide whether it will work for them or not. While Mommy's Tambayan aims to provide objective product reviews, we do admit that we also accept sponsored posts - and we will clearly mark them as a sponsored one.

Articles and Contributions

All submissions are read within 30 days and you will be notified of the schedule when the article will be published. In addition, all submissions are subject to the Mommy's Tambayan's approval and may or may not be published.©

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