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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

SupermumsPh Event Recap: A Unique and Lovely Day to Remember

December 18, 2018

Supermums Ph, one of the biggest Mommy Group in the country, held a lovely and touching birthday party for kids with special ability at the Dapa Hall of the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City last August 26, 2018.

Organized by the super mommy group, Supermums Ph, lead by Chell Diaz Fernandez, the event was again, one for the books and benefited 25 children with special needs, and their families.
SupermumsPH Founder Mommy Chell Diaz Fernandez, Daisy Marcelo of Lovely Touch Events Manila, and Mommy Donna Morales Advincula

With the support of Lovely Touch Events Manila, and PHILUSA Corporation, the children with exceptionality and their families, went home with smiles on their faces and hearts that were full as they went home with goodies, and had a great time at the party. Each of the kids also went home with a special gift from their sponsor.

The metro's go-to lady for lovely events with a Touch, Daisy Marcelo, who also performed a ventroloquist show to entertain the kids.
The event which was themed "I am Unique" was made even more extraordinary for kids as their favorite superheroes graced the party, and exciting games like "Bring Me" and "Stop Dance" were enjoyed by the kids; also, there was face painting, and a ventriloquist show to name a few. Lovely Touch Events Manila, owned by events stylist Daisy Marcelo, made sure everyone who participated in the event, not only enjoyed the party, they also made it as unforgettable and as touching for their families as well. Ms. Marcelo, being the go-to organizer for all events and special occasions in the metro, conceptualized and designed the venue giving everyone a feel of excitement and fun for kids of all ages!

"I am Unique" was sponsored by Lovely Touch Events Manila
Anna-May Jamet, President and CEO of  Bhubanesh International Business Ventures, also delivered an inspiring speech to uplift everyone's spirits during the said occasion. "People with Special Needs are God's Special Gift to this World. Today's event is but a fitting one honoring these children who are unremitting  expressions of HOW and WHAT LOVE is. Grateful we all are to SUPERMUMS PH' brilliance in putting together all our hearts, all our love as we celebrate THE HAPPY BIRTHDAYS OF THESE WONDROUS GIFTS", Ms. Jamet stated.

Ms Anna-May Jamet delivering an inspiring speech for the event.

Hosted by Donna Morales Advincula, one of Supermums Ph Admins and a budding Mommy Vlogger, made the event more enjoyable too with her impressive facilitating of the event.

Mommy Donna Morales-Advincula as the Master of Ceremony

PHILUSA Corporation, leading marketers of quality and competitively priced personal care, household care, baby care and selected pharmaceutical products in the country, was also present at the event and provided gifts to the kids! Being consistent in providing support to Supermums Ph events since 2017, PHILUSA Corp, as expected was true to its mission to touch lives of every Filipino by supporting events like "I am Unique".

Special tokens provided for by PHILUSA Corp.

A unique celebration indeed, Supermums Ph pulled off another memorable event that no other mommy group has done with their "I am Unique" party!

Photo Gallery

Each of the birthday celebrator got their own cakes.
Ms. Jamet with one of the birthday celebrators.
Great food was served during the party.
SuperMums PH Admins and members who volunteered during the program.

Photos of the event courtesy of Kristine Tating, Donna Morales Advincula, and Chell Diaz Fernandez

Supermums Ph Bio:
Supermums Ph is a Facebook group for Filipino Mommies with a membership of 33,000 mothers and counting! In 2017, Supermums Ph also made dreams come true for 14 mommies in a special wedding ceremony. With their advocacy of promoting overall wellness for mommies of all ages and backgrounds, and lead by the group's founder, Chell Diaz Fernandez, nd her co Admins, Rosalia Espino- Soria, Flordeluna Morales Advincula, Airizza Navalta Tutaan, Rachel De Gracia Solanoy, Jolly Nevado Layag, Mary Anne Valencia, MareJane Rejas, Janet Zipagan Galamay, Melissa Cabeza, Angelus Refugio, Ma. Milody Lustre, Cindy Teves, Vivian Zarate Borromeo, Jouanne Agtarap,
Abby Keith Esmeña Manasa, Ma.Hermiescarliza Moncatar, Supermums Ph never fails to be true to its advocacy!

For any special events in and around the Metro, contact Lovely Touch Events Manila at 0915 305 9214 or 0933 863 7765

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Mommy Tets Camingawan - Bermudez: From Overseas Filipino Worker to Online Filipino Worker at Home

October 25, 2018

Newly married couples always start their lives together with great dreams and hopes. However, sometimes, our fate redirects us to an unfamiliar path that we become unsure if we will still realize our goal. This is a Mommy story that is just like that - having to come to a decision to give up a dream that you once shared with your partner - but this account is not about failed dreams! It's a confirmation that wherever God leads you, He will bless you with what you really want to achieve and life.... and even more!

Hi Mommy Tets,  please tell us about how you had your baby.

I conceived Johanne when I was already back in the Philippines. The initial plan then after getting married is for husband to follow me in Doha. But that didn’t materialize. The main reason for coming back home and leaving work in Doha was health risk. At 30, I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension and the stress at work wasn’t helping. So my husband and I decided for me to come home and recuperate.

Mommy Tets worked in Doha for several years and had to come home to the Philippines for good to take care of her health.

You were already in Doha and had a great career there, but why did you want to work from home instead of working in a concrete jungle when you came back to the Philippines?

As early as 2014, I was really into the idea of working from home in the event that I return to the Philippines for good. God gave us immediately the best blessing through Johanne, soon as I came back to the Philippines.

Tell us about Johanne growing up. And how are you as a mother to her?

Mommy Tets with her husband Paul and their lovely daughter Johanne.
Johanne, being the first grandchild in both sides of the family is the star of the show.  She is really such a bubbly child and very sociable too. She’s into dancing and music and we noticed this even in her early months. So we really indulge in different types of music everyday. During the first few weeks, I was really extra careful with her because she is premature. But as soon as everything was cleared by the doctor, I was able to relax.  I thought I can prepare for the role by reading mommy books and consulting with mommy friends, but nothing beats actual experience. Eventually, I just followed my instincts and get advices from my mom and mother in law. I really have a great support group. It takes a village to raise a child indeed. She’s 2 years old now and I can really say that I am the disciplining parent more than my husband.

Wow, you are blessed to have Johanne. What can you advise moms who want to take a leap from working overseas to working home based to take care of their kids?

Mommy Tets when she was working in Doha.
For one, the arrangement should be discussed with the husband plus you have to manage your expectations also. You cannot automatically earn what you are earning abroad in homebased work, so a lot of planning is involved. The same goes when you are working in the corporate locally, I recommend, saving at least 3 months worth of salary, before resigning from your current job. Talk to your husband because the beginning part is always the most difficult -- getting clients etc, so your husband needs to support the income of the family alone, temporarily. The savings will help for emergencies.

Clarify your goals -- do you want to take care of the kids and earn by working from home? Or do you want to work from home and be with your kids. That’s different, because the hours of work you want to allot will matter given that direction.

Coming from a family with a father who is an OFW as well, nothing beats being together. It will be financially challenging in some days, but memories of growing without one parent really affects a child. No material possession can take over that.
Coming from a family with an OFW parent, Mommy Tets knows nothing beats time with the family.
Plan and then just do it. God is a God who provides and He will always give us the best that we deserve -- of course, given our best effort. When the day comes that you are typing away in your computer and your little one is smiling at you across the room, you will really be grateful for opportunities to be with them 24/7.

Mommy Tets and her family.

Thank you for that Mommy Tets, you really are a dedicated mommy. Pero, hindi mo ba namimiss lumabas? We learned that when you were single talagang you were literally always out of the house because of the events you handle and being a member and one of the leaders of the Singles for Christ Christian Community.

I am on my 2nd year as a homebased worker and there was a point in my career that I really missed going out. I tried teaching part time, in Senior High, to satiate that part -- pero wow, init, pamasahe.. haha. So I think I’m really better staying at home. Plus, I do have my own events group, ayun, sya nakakafulfill ng social needs ko kapag may client meetings sa gabi.

Mommy Tets is one of the co-founders of 4Leaf Events.
How do you manage your time and how are you able to take care of Johanne since you work from home?

Mommy Tets has been an OFW (Online Filipino Worker) since 2016.
While I feel so blessed na I’m homebased at lagi ko nakikita si baby, I have to give credit also to the great support group that I have. I have my own working space sa house so I can focus, and Johanne stays in the other room with her lolo and lola. It is important to have some place private to work kahit work from home. I have to disagree with some posts na kumakalat online, promoting work from home, mothers cradling a baby. It can work for a few minutes, pero hati yung focus. Unfair rin kay baby if hindi ka 100% andyan for her. But I guess, iba rin talaga if walang help around, that’s another story. But for me, I make time, if work, work. I take breaks in between to play with baby, and make sure I end working on time too because she also expects me to play with her in the afternoon. Time management talaga. That’s how you give your 100% to anything you do, through undivided attention.

How do you cope with the pressures of your work and how do you take care of yourself?

Compared to working for corporate, less stress na talaga ang work ko ngayon. It comes I guess with selecting my battles. I choose work which fits me and my skills. In the few occasions that I get stressed, I stop, and divert my attention elsewhere. Taking a breather -- like going to baby’s room, or watching a short video clip, helps me refocus. I also start the day with prayer -- reading the Gospel and listening to worship songs. That starts my day right and set my mood. Next target ko talaga is include exercise.

Mommy Tets with her family.
Lastly, a mommy needs to hang out sometime and spend time for herself, where do you usually hangout or tambay?

I agree to that, we need social life. My weekends are always full -- either spend it with Couples for Christ activities (charismatic group where me and my husband is really committed), or if time permits, I really enjoy catching up with friends over coffee, even kami ni husband, we like exploring new coffee shops.

Mommy Tets has been an active member of the Couple for Christ community for over 2 decades!

Thanks for sharing Mommy Tets! Your story is a testimonial of how great and generous our God is, and how He was able to lead you to where you are now with your Christ-centered family! Keep on inspiring other mommies who want to pursue their dreams in whatever way God leads them!

Mommy Tets Camingawan-Bermudez is an Online Filipino Professional who specializes in Executive and Admin Assistance to CEOs, Content Creation as well as Social Media management and Blog Management. She also co-founded 4 Leaf Events and is an active freelancer host as well. She loves spending weekends with her family and the Couples for Christ Community where she has been a servant-leader for more than two decades. 

Follow her here:

Visit 4 Leaf Events Page here:

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mommy Russell Tobias Fonte on Managing Growing Kids and Starting Businesses

May 03, 2018
Being a mom means being the managing director of the home. Our featured Inspiring Mommy today is even more than that, she's also the managing director of growing brands in South Luzon.

Mommy's Tambayan is amazed at how this mommy is able to manage her home and their businesses. Let's find out how she does it!

Hi Mommy Russell, could you please tell us about your kids?

I have 2 beautiful kids, Aica my eldest who is 5 and Phugz, who is 2, and another blessing coming out very soon 😁 Both are very sweet and loving kids.

Mommy Russell with her firstborn, Aica

Wow! A third one to add to the bunch! Tell us about your pregnancy. 

Yes, poppin' out in June. Conceived in Guangzhou during our business trip last September 2017, wala kasing stress that time. Haha! My first trimester was not easy as usual but as I moved on to the second trimester, I can travel almost everyday because we just opened our new branches in Las Piñas.

Mommy Russell with her second child, Phugz, and their third baby on the way.

How is it different for each of your children?

During my first pregnancy in 2012, I was an OFW then in Singapore. I was also a Restaurant Manager that time so I have to work even until I was 8 months pregnant. I can still remember what a customer said to me while I was inside the kitchen assembling food for them with a big tummy,
“What is she doing there?” Hahaha! My second child came when we decided to go home to the Philippines and decided to do business last 2016. I started with online selling of Egg Surprise that time and it was a hit! That was our start up, we do buy and sell, and we have several kiosks in the local malls here in Santa Cruz and Pagsanjan, Laguna. As I recall, me and my husband were in Divisoria almost every week even though my tummy is already big to buy goods as we personally select the items to sell aside from the Egg Surprise from Singapore and Hong Kong.

Wow! And how do you take care of your kids now that you are pregnant and also a mother of well-known businesses in Laguna?

I must admit that it is not easy to manage a business and be a mom at the same time. I have trusted people who helps me take care of them everyday whenever we are out for work. Aica is in senior kinder, and we make it a point that we are always present in all of her school activities. During examinations, I personally attend to her during reviews.

Galing! You must be an amazing mom to raise such kids. How do you make sure you give enough quality time for them given that you are the managing director of the Aica and Phugz brands?

We have family time every weekend to ensure that we are giving them enough time and attention despite our busy schedule. There are times also that we just stay home and play with them, watch movies or accompany them outside for a walk. That’s another advantage when you have your own business, you can manage your own time and adjust to your needs.

Mommy Russell and family on one of their weekend getaways.
You are more than just a super woman! Super successful pa ang businesses mo. Can you please share to our readers how you started with these brands? From our research, we learned that it started with a shop. How did the brand grow?

Mommy Russell with their Phugz Inasal family.
As mentioned earlier,  it was late 2015 when we decided to stay in the Philippines for good. During that time, usong uso sa kids yung Egg Surprise, even my daughter Aica is a big fan of it. It was not locally available that time here in the Philippines so I tried to post it online and to my surprise the demand was very high. It was when we started Aica’s Shop named after our daughter, with only Egg Surprise as our main product. We earned our first million in just 6 months! It was a very big blessing to us that we had the right product at the right time. After that, we decided to put up a physical store Aicashop in the local Malls here in Santa Cruz and Pagsanjan. Then, in late 2016, my husband conceptualized our own restaurant “Phugz Chicken Inasal and Bulalo Espesyal” named after our second child. I never thought that I will be managing my own restaurant, as having a restaurant is really hard work. There are many aspects that you need to manage such as product quality, manpower, expenses and of course profitability. It was a struggle at first as we have to find the right product, people, supplier and make a system for the restaurant. Thank God, we are now on our second year of operation. We always keep our kids in mind whenever we put up a new business, we observe that nowadays kids tend to stay at home and play with gadgets. They seldom get physical activities as it is very hot outside and sometimes it is not safe as well. We want a place where kids can enjoy with a very safe and conducive environment for learning as well. When Phugz brand reached its 3rd month and was already stable, we put up another business, an indoor playground named Aicaland. It was a learning playground as well as we have role playing and mind games stations. Currently, the Phugz brand have 3 branches which are in Pagsanjan, and Siniloan Laguna and Las Piñas, while we have 4 Aicaland indoor playgrounds which are in Pagsanjan, Laguna, Imus, Cavite, Metro East and Las Piñas.

Do you ever struggle with balancing your time with the business and your family?

There are times when we are out as early as 5am and get back home very late especially during the opening days of the new businesses. We have to take care of everything to ensure the smooth operation of the business. Every single detail matters to us as this will contribute to the overall success. We always take time to talk and explain to our daughter why we have to work hard and gladly, she understands. But after few months when a business becomes more stable, we spend more time with the kids to make up for the time that we were really busy. Time management is really essential as I also need to attend personally to the school matters of my daughter.

What would you advise aspiring moms who still want to pursue and manage their own business?

It is important to start. Be it online or a physical store, what is important is to start it. By doing this, you will have a feel on how to run your own business, on how hard or easy it is to earn your own money. Along the way, you will encounter failures and successes but you will gain new learnings that will help you improve and expand your business. If you fail, try again. If you succeed, keep the learnings and inspire others too.

Thanks for your encouraging advise, Mommy Russell. What do you think made your businesses and family succeed?

I am blessed with a supportive and encouraging husband. When we got married, I started to be the better version of me. He always pushes me to be the best that I can be, he trusts me more than anyone else. In managing all our business it is not only me, we are a TEAM. Two minds, two bodies but only one goal to success. Our family and our kids’ future is our top priority and inspiration, and it fuels us everyday to keep going and reach for our dreams.

Mommy Russell credits her success to God and to her loving husband Paul
Lastly, how do you take care of yourself while balancing your role as a mommy and an entrepreneur? May favorite ka bang lugar na gusto tinatambayan? How do you take care of yourself?

I love to hangout with my husband. Wherever he brings me is a resting place for me, hahaha! We love to watch movies together - that’s our quick escape from stress everytime. When I was not yet pregnant, we used to go to the gym together. After giving birth, we are planning to have balik alindog program as well. Hehehe!

Thank you Mommy Russel! We are definitely sure that mommies who will read your story will be inspired to pursue their passion may it be in business or in any other field. Truly, being a mommy isn’t a reason not pursue what you want, but being a mom is even an inspiration to follow your passion. More blessings to you Mommy Russell and family, and God bless and a safe and easy delivery this June!

Mommy Russell Tobias-Fonte is the managing director of the Aicaland and Phugz brands in South Luzon. Together with her husband Paul, who co-founded and created the two growing companies, their advocacy is to bring families together and provide a wholesome and educational environment for children.

Visit them on Facebook here:

Friday, April 27, 2018

Mommy Shiela Brinosa: From Sales Coach to Wellness Coach

April 27, 2018

Moms would always want the best for their children. But what if "what is best" means giving up a successful corporate career? Will you give it all up? Today's featured Mommy did that - and even more!

For Mommy Sheila Brinosa of San Pablo City, Laguna, giving up her corporate career was one of the best decisions she ever made. Working for different multinational companies and climbing up the corporate ladder was her life for over a decade, but even from all the recognition she had while working for corporate giants, she realized that there is something more. And that's what she will share with us today.

Hi Mommy Sheila, please tell us about how your kids.

I have two wonderful kids. Kurt Matthew who is 15 years old, and Ursula Nicole who is 12 years old. I may say sila ay typical na makukulit at magugulong bata. Madalas di magkasundo kasi magkaiba ang hilig nilang gawin. Minsan pasaway, moody at mahirap utusan sa gawaing bahay. Ganyan ata ngayon ang kabataan. Pero alam mo ang pinaka gusto ko sa kanila, pareho silang sweet at mapagmahal na anak. Yung tipong minsan masakit ang likod mo, nandyan sila hihilutin ka, minsan naman gagawa sila ng card o ano mang artwork na may message na tipong di mo napapansin habang binabasa mo yung message may luha ka na pala, kasi super na touch ka. Ang sarap ng feeling ng isang ina, na tinitingnan mo sila habang sarap na sarap sa niluto mong ulam. I ha hug ka at ikikiss sabay sabing lutuin mo ulit to mommy ha. Sila din yung tipo ng bata na di masyadong magastos. In fact, di sila mahilig sa mamahaling bagay (na damit at sapatos). Sa edad nila ngayon conscious na sila price ng bawat bibilhin nilang items. Lagi ko kasing sinasabi sa kanila na may budget lang kaming sinusunod kaya di pwedeng mag exceed or else mangungutang na kami sa kapitbahay. E ayaw nila yun kaya ayun nasanay na di masyado nag papabili. Sa personality naman, naku totally mag kaiba, si Kurt medyo suplado ng kaunti kasi mahiyain at mas enjoy sa bahay , mahilig mag basa ng mga fiction books at mag internet. Si Nicole naman medyo out going, mahilig sa sports like basketball and badminton and she is also friendly.

Mommy Sheila is a proud mom of two practical and sweet kids, Kurt Matthew and Ursula Nicole.
Tell us about them growing up. And how are you as a mother to them?

Right now, nasa adjustment period pa rin ako sa kanila pag dating sa transition ng from bata na dati sunod lang ng sunod sayo ngayon iba na, may sarili na silang desisyon sa mga bagay bagay. Kung nung bata ayaw ka nila payagan umalis kung di sila kasama ngayon open na sila sa mga line up ng schedules ko. Masyado akong attached sa mga anak ko kasi dadalawa naman yan kaya talagang ingat na ingat ako sa kanila. Lalo na kay Kurt kasi may mga kaibigan na nag yayaya kung saan-saan, like malling, swimming, jogging etc. Before ko payagan katakot takot na bilin ko sa kanya pati sa mga kaibigan nya. Yung tipong lagi ako nag papaupdate sa kanya kung nasaan na sya para secure ako na safe sya. Minsan nga nasasabihang Over protective MOM pero okay lang kasi yun ako eh. Si Nicole naman sa ngayon mas gusto pa rin nya ang sumasama sa aking mga lakad. Medyo isip bata pa rin sya. Tinanong ko nga sya kung sa Grade 7 'di na sya mag papahatid sundo sa akin eh. Sabi nya ganon pa din daw- hatid at sundo pa rin. Ako as a mother, I'm willing to sacrifice my career for my kids. I want to serve them as much as I could kasi pag matanda na ko di ko na sila kayang pag silbihan. Gusto ko lahat ng milestones nila masundan ko. Kaya kahit anong busy ko sa work ako pa rin nag aasikaso sa kanila, nag aattend sa different events sa school. Wala kasi daddy nila nag wowork sa barko kaya talagang dapat lagi akong nandyan for them.

Mommy Sheila is still adjusting with her kids transition from being "children" to becoming "teenagers".

How were you able to balance your corporate career while taking care of them?

It was really hard to balance both, talagang minsan nag sa suffer. Minsan may mga sabay na schedules sa office at school events ng mga bata. Dyan na pumapasok ang support system ng family. Buti nandyan ang mahal kong mga magulang, na handang sumalo sa mga schedules na 'di talaga ako pwede like kapag may conventions in and out of the country, meetings and presentations sa big clients. Good thing kung local trip lang at natapat ng weekend ang event ko, for sure kasama ko sila, bonding time na din namin yun. Basta lagi ko kasama yung wonderful assistant kong si Ate Juvy. Habang nag wowork ako dun sa event  nandun naman sya nag babantay sa kids. Kaya dapat talaga mahalin natin ang ating mga yaya kasi sila nandyan handang umalalay sayo sa lahat ng bagay. Kung walang support system sa life ko naku baka di ko na kinaya lahat . Of course may pressure sa work and at the same time pressure sa family life lalo na wala ang aking mahal na asawa sa tabi ko. Lagi ko din ineexplain to our kids that we need to work for our future. Kaya sila tanggap nila na they have busy parents at nakikita naman nila na kahit busy ako hangga't kaya iadjust schedule ginagawa ko. Kaya alam nila na kapag nawala ako sa event nila it means di ko naimove or sobrang importante ng gagawin ko sa office kaya di ako nakapunta. Its just a matter of explaining to your kids the real scenario. Make them feel na sila talaga ang importante sa buhay mo.   

Mommy Sheila and her long time assistant, Juvy

You’ve worked for many years in a corporate setting, why did you quit it to become a wellness coach? 

That’s a good question, Bakit nga ba?..
Kapag mataas na ang position  mo sa company parang ang  hirap na iwanan. Lalo na at maganda ang compensation plan, pa kotse, pa gasolina, reimbursable ang meals, free Trip abroad every year US and Asian countries. Ang hirap talaga, kaya matagal ko bago napag desisyunan ang aking pag iwan sa corporate world, masaya at glamorous kasi . I have learned so many things sa corporate world, sino ba naman ako. Isa lang po akong simpleng probinsyana na taga San Pablo, Laguna 'di ko akalain na makakapagtrabaho sa pinakasosyal na lugar sa Manila. Akalain mo naging Makati Girl ako!
Mommy Sheila is a loving wife to a seafarer.
Nung panahon ko kapag dyan ka nag wowork belong ka sa mga Elite. Na kapag tinanong ang anak mo san nag wowork ang Mommy mo sabihin nila sa Makati po. Sasabihin nila "Aba ibang level pala ang Mommy ni Kurt at ni Nicole ah!" But the thing is, dumating ang time na talagang pabigat na ng pabigat ang responsibilities ko sa company lalo nung napromote ulit ako tapos lumalaki na din ma bata medyo iba na ang needs nila. Nahati talaga isip ko. Ano ba talaga pipiliin ko: Career or Family?Syempre bilang ina mas priority ko family ko lalo na OFW husband ko, dapat may isang gagabay sa mga anak ko. To tell you the truth tinanong ko mga anak ko, mga anak ano mas gusto nya mag work pa rin si mommy or sa house na lang muna ako at alagaan ko kayo. Nag sigawan sila sa tuwa sabi nila better daw na kasama nila ako . Di naman daw sila mag papabili ng kung ano ano kaya kahit wala akong work, okay lang. Syempre bago ang final decision eh nag sabi muna ako sa ever supportive husband. Kasi syempre mag iisa na sya sa pag wowork para sa pamilya. Pinag usapan namin kasi malaking adjustment to para sa aming lahat. Ibinalik nya ang tanong sa akin. Are you willing to give up your career? Sabi ko para sa mga anak mo at sayo, OO! Sa madaling salita , plain housewife ang PEG ko! Napansin ko na lang isang araw parang pataba na ko ng pataba. Yung mga damit ko di na kasya sa akin pati wedding ring namin di na kasya sa daliri ko!!! Sabi ko sa sarili ko, teka di ako pwedeng makita ng asawa ko pag uwi na mukhang nalosyang na ewan! From glamorous look naging losyang look! OMG! I need to do something. That's the time nakilala ko ang Herbalife. Nagtake ako ng 10 Day weight loss program nila. I was so amazed kasi in 10 days nag lose ako ng 7 pounds! Ang hirap gawin nun pero sa Herbalife products nagawa ko. Dun na nagsimula na maging love yung products. Then nag attend ako ng seminars for members and I decided to become a member to avail discounts. Pero nun marami ng nag ask, what did I do and want to avail the products dun na ko nag simula na mag try maging wellness coach. With proper training naman madali lang gawin. The best thing is that 50% ko nabibili  ang products kasi supervisor na ako. Gumaganda na ang katawan ko kumita pa ako at maraming natutuwa sa akin at nag papasalamat kasi nag improved din pakiramdam nila just like me. I am happy to serve people. At naniniwala ako " A Healthy Body is a Happy Body". Iniisip ko din since registered nurse naman ako in line din naman ang pagiging wellness coach ko.

Wow, you are blessed to have that opportunity, and hindi lang corporate career ang ginive up mo, even the fats! Seriously, sobrang naging blessing pala ng pag give up nyo sa corporate career nyo.

What can you advise moms who want to leave the corporate jungle to pursue their passions? Is it really worth it?

Do not be afraid to try something new. Sometimes talaga, takot tayo mag umpisa ulit kasi gusto natin lagi tayo sa sa comfort zone . Ayaw na nating masyado mapagod, natatakot din tayong mag fail. Pero ang masasabi ko lang sa mga readers natin, Do not be afraid. Assess nyo kung ano yung hilig nyo at nag eenjoy kayo para yung ginagawa nyo parang di sya work. In addition, dito sa pagiging wellness coach ko ikaw mag dedefine ng oras mo sa negosyo mo. In other words, mas may time ako sa mga anak ko at sa sarili ko. Ako kasi gumagawa ng schedules ko. I want to be productive everyday kaya nakasulat lahat ng line up of activities ko para wala makalimutan. Ang kaibahan sa corporate job ko, sure ako na may salary ako every 15th and 30th. Dito sa work ko now ikaw ang mag dedecide kung how much ang gusto mo income. Kasi depende lahat sa sipag mo ang salary mo. The more na marami kang events the more na malaki ang income mo. Kasi marami bibili ng products mo.
Maaring di pa napapantayan ng present income ko yung dati kong trabaho pero ang masasabi ko lang eh laking ginhawa ko ngayon. Bakit? Less ang pressure, may oras ako sa lahat ng bagay especially sa family ko at higit sa lahat nakakatulong ako sa kapwa ko. Ang sarap ng feeling na yung mga clients mo abot abot ang pasasalamat kasi they feel better. Different walks of life din mga clients ko: merong mga professionals, mga simpleng mamamayan na nagtitinda sa palengke, meron din mga bagets, meron din mga seniors. Lahat sila pinag sama sama sa iisang lugar (sa Nutrition Club ko) kaya happy talaga silang lahat. In fact sa Nutrition club ko bawal ang HUGOT dapat good vibes lagi para mas mamotivate kaming lahat. And if you will ask me kung worth it? It's a BIG YES! I may not be earning na kasing laki ng dati kong salary pero I am positive with what I am doing right now maaring malampasan pa ang income ko yung previous work ko. Di lang yun, yung dumami ang kaibigan mo at mas naging FREE ka sa lahat ng bagay. Pak na Pak na yun!

Is giving up a corporate career worth it? Mommy Sheila says, yes! And she even gets to do what she love at her own pace and time!

Thank you for that Mommy Sheila, you really are a dedicated mommy. You have given advise to mommies regarding their career decision, what advise can you give to moms who are struggling to balance work and career?

Be ready! You need to have a Healthy Body to do all your functions. Kasi tayong mga mommies nakatadhana na maraming ginagampanan sa buhay. Kapag napabayaan mo alin man sa mga ito , may bad effects sa buhay natin. At ang isa ko pang advise eh wag namang pabayaan ang sarili. Minsan kasi sa sobrang pag aasikaso sa mga mahal sa buhay napapabayaan na pati sariling katawan. Yung tipong nakakalimutan ng mag suklay at mag paganda kasi ang reason nila sa bahay lang sila. At eto pa ang ending, lahat ng tira ng anak nila sila kumakain kaya ayun di namamalayan lumalaki na pala sila! Imagine di na kakapag suklay, 'di nakapag paganda eh may sobrang timbang pa.
In addition, alam mo as per my analysis, proud din naman mga kids natin kapag nakikita nila na maayos ka bilang ina. Yung kapag aattend ka ng meeting sa school presentable ka. Di ko sinasabi na bumili ka ng mga mamahaling damit, basta bagay sayo oks na yun. Minsan din mag basa ka ng mga articles at books para naman kapag may tinanong ang anak mo may pwede ka ishare na information sa kanila.

Being a mommy should never be an excuse to look good and feel good according to Mommy Sheila.

Wow, that is very encouraging. How is life different now that you are a wellness coach? 

As I have mentioned earlier, it's totally different when it comes to compensation kasi today 'di na limited ang income ko. Ako na ang mag dedefine kung how much income gusto ko. Sa job description naman pareho, kasi majority pakikitungo sa mga clients just like my corporate life.
As wellness coach you should be more disciplined pag dating sa intake ng food. Dapat inaaral mo din anong strategy ang ipapagawa mo sa client para maachieve nya ang weight goal.

Yes, we saw your before and after pics, how were able to achieve weight loss while taking care of your children? It must be challenging!

Its a process na dinaanan ko. Ang hirap pag labanan ng masarap na nakahain na pagkain kapag kasama ang mga anak ko. The thing is I requested them to change our breakfast and they supported me for that. Lahat kami sa umaga breakfast namin ay shake! Sabi ko nga sa kanila instead of eating carbo loaded breakfast eh eto na lang shake kasi its a Nutrient Densed Packed Meal and its a perfect meal replacement for active individuals just like us. Ayun mukha namang naconvince ko sila. Minsan hinahayaan ko din silang kumain ng regular breakfast pero kadalasan shake lang lalo at nagmamadali kami lagi sa umaga. Now they accepted already na talagang priority sa breakfast ang shake.

A healthy family: Mommy Sheila has also influenced her kids to eat healthy.

That’s really inspiring! Lastly, a mommy needs to hang out sometime and spend time for herself, where do you usually hangout or tambay?

Dance Studio, Parlor and SPA. We are promoting 80% Nutrition 20% Exercise. Kaya kapag kaya ng oras may 1 hour akong Zumba session with friends. Pawis to the max kami . Iba kasi ang energy kapag maganda ang blood flow sa katawan pati mood laging maganda at happy. Minsan naman feel ko mag paayos ng buhok, manicure at pedicure kaya di ko rin nakakalimutang ang parlor and lastly eh massage. Iba kasi ang relaxation hapag hinihilot ka parang sobrang relax ng mind and body mo.

Mommy Sheila with her Nutrition Club group.

We totally agree, Mommy Sheila! And thank you for spending you time with us here at the Tambayan. We are sure maraming mga mommies na nahihirapan magdesisyon ay maiinspire nyo, kaya thank you uli. Being a mother really should be the higher priority over any career! And when all goes well in a Mom's life, everything follows.

Thank you din for this opportunity to share my story with other mommies. If may mahirap tayo na decision, isip lang natin palagi, para kanino yung decision na yun and everything will go well, and better than expected.

Mommy Sheila is a perfect example of what it means to give up everything for motherhood. She may have spent some years at the beginning but her love for her children prevailed and has made the best decision to choose family over any other priorities. Being a wellness coach, she is able to focus more on taking care of her family while doing what she loves - coaching about health.

Mommy's Tambayan thanks Mommy Sheila Brinosa for giving us the opportunity to give inspiration to other moms. This weekend, Mommy Sheila is inviting moms for the one-can-challenge to be held in Joyful Restaurant San Pablo City. 

For wellness consultation, you may contact Mommy Sheila through Facebook Messenger.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Meet the Modern Fairy Godmother Supermum: Archell Diaz Fernandez

March 11, 2018
You might have heard of this Modern Pinay Fairy Godmother... But who is Chell Diaz Fernandez really in real life? Let's find out!

Last year, Archell Diaz Fernandez's fairy godmother story went viral. Why wouldn't it? Her story isn't the typical "Cinderella" story. She didn't leave her left shoe nor got to have a magical pumpkin coach - she was the fairy godmother. A modern fairy godmother, not only to a Cinderella, but to 14 Cinderella-moms!

So is she just a modern fairy godmother who grants mothers' wishes to get married to the man of their children? I say not. Behind the pretty smile, her strong advocacy to promote health and wellness for moms around the Philippines, beyond being just a leader of a supergroup, Archell Fernandez, more popularly known as Mommy Chel or "Sis" to her group, is just an ordinary, extraordinary mother who also went through a lot before she got what she has today.

Let's forget about Cinderella for today. Kilalanin natin ang modern fairy godmother ng mga Pinay Moms. Was it all really a fairytale life for her? Let's get to know Mommy Chell as she honestly answers all our questions...

Hi Mommy Chell, please tell us about your pretty daughters.

I have three lovely daughters: Amber 7, Adel 4, and Arielle 3.
Mommy Chell with her girls

Wow, its similar to your name, Archell. They are as lovely as their names. Please tell us about how you had your firstborn Amber. 

I actually became a young millennial mom. I had Amber at an age younger than most moms would have their firstborn. Hindi ko lang masabi dahil leader ako ng SupermumsPH. I kept it to myself. Sabi ko sa sarili ko noon, kailangan may patunayan muna ako as a leader.  Sa panahon ngayon,  hindi natin maiwasan ang negative  comments pero ginawa ko yun hindi para mag sinungaling o maglihim, Naghintay lang po ako ng tamang panahon and maybe this is the right time. I hope marami akong young moms na mainspire.

Wow. It's very challenging to be a young mom. Galing mo naman!

Oo, mahirap maging young mom na walang magulang na gumagabay. Pero dumating ako sa point na wala ako panahon mag pabebe. No choice kundi magpakatatag. Kawawa mga anak ko pag naging mahina ako. My parents have separated. Kanya-kanya na sila, sis. Lima kaming magkakapatid. It was not easy having a broken family. Kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko, walang masisirang pamilya kapag strong at healthy ang isang nanay mentally and emotionally. To be honest,  sobrang hirap. Along my journey, may mga taong nanghusga sa pagiging young mom ko "Maagang lumandi", "ang bata mo pa para maging nanay", "wala ka pang alam sa buhay".  Pero sa totoo lang,  wala naman silang alam kung ano ang totoong pinagdaanan ko. Pero ganun naman talaga ang ibang tao,  madali para sa kanila ang manghusga dahil hindi naman sila yung nasa kalagayan mo.  Pero kung mahina ka. Matatalo ka nila.  Instead ma down ako,  ginamit ko yun para patunayan sa kanila na "AGE DOESN'T MATTER PARA MATAWAG KANG ISANG MABUTING INA AT ASAWA. "

Then and now: Mommy Chell with husband Dhon shown here during their first meeting and when they revisited the Church where they first met last year.
Is that why you created Supermums?

Yes, hindi ko intention na lumaki siya like it is now. We have 30,000 members to date and we are continuously growing. Emotional and mental health ng isang ina ang advocacy ko. Bihira makita ng iba pero yun tlga ang pinaka magandang pundasyon ng isang pamilya.

Kapag maging emotionally and mentally healthy lahat ng nanay, everything will follow. Magagabayan at mapapalaki natin ng maayos ang pag-asa ng bayan, ANG MGA ANAK NATIN.

Mommy Chell, being recently married, also wants to extend her happiness to other mothers who want to marry their partners.
Napakagandang advocacy nya talaga, Mommy Chell. Pero how do you pull off managing a really giant group. Last time we talked, 25,000 pa lang ang members. Ngayon, 30,000 na!

True, sasabog na ang email ko at messenger sa dami ng narereceive ko na messages. But our group has admins who help moderate it. They helped me grow SupermumsPH. Sila ang mga katuwang ko at pinagkakatiwalaan.

SupermumsPH is a Facebook support group for Filipino mommies with a membership of 30,000 moms!!!
You really have a healthy group, I can say, everything is moderated, at walang "masamang tinapay".

Isa rin yan sa itinuturo ko sa mga members (na pag isipan lagi muna ang bawat post). Hindi pwede na basta tayo magpadalos-dalos lalo na tayong mga mommies nasa nature natin ang pagiging emotional, every move damay ang mga anak natin. Kaya lagi ko sinasabi sa kanila since active lahat ng nanay sa social media gamitin natin ito sa tama, sa paraang mas makakatulong sa momma life journey natin. And ini encourage ko sila na maging magandang halimbawa sa mga anak namin sa tamang pag gamit ng social media.

I agree, bilib nga ako at you are still able to give time and check posts in your group, and give good advice sa mga members. Pero gusto namin kayo kilalanin pa, how do you take care of your kids with everything that you do?

Time management talaga, sis. Sa tingin ko ito dapat ang minamaster nating mga nanay sa dami nating responsibilities as a SuperMom para hindi tayo mahirapan sa daily routine natin.  I make time to cook healthy meals dahil gusto ng mga kids ko ang lutong bahay with fruit shake, any kinds of fruits.  Ako lang din nag tutor sa kanila after ng work ko.  Then before sila matulog, lagi ko sila binabasahan ng bed time stories. Constant ang communication ko sa mga anak ko, hindi totoo na pag bata pa sila hindi nila maiintindihan ang kawalan natin ng attention sa kanila.  Children nowadays ay matatalino.  Dapat maging sensitive tayo sa nararamdaman ng mga anak natin. Always make time for them.

Ang galing mo naman mag manage ng time. How did you pull off the 1st anniversary of Supermums ph?

Tulungan kami dyan, sis. Pero ako yung nag o-organize.  Mahirap dahil through online communication lang kami nag uusap-usap ng mga co-admins ko. Andoon yung kaba kung magiging successful ang event.  Pressured dahil yung ibang Supermums dumadayo pa from provinces, like last time galing pa yung isa kong member from Boracay Island.  Yung isa naman umuwi pa from Thailand.  Thank God nairaos namin ng maayos at masaya ang 1st Grand anniversary namin last year.  Kitang kita ko sa mga mata ng co moms ko yung kasiyahan nila. Isang malaking blessing para sa akin ang mabuo ko ang SupermumsPH.  And I'm so thankful na maraming sumusuporta sa group namin.

Mommy Chell with SupermumsPH co-admins during their 1st Grand Anniversary

And how are your preparing for the 2nd anniversary on May 25, this year?

This time, kasama na ang counter part group namin, ang SuperDadsPH. It's like a Super Family day. We are planning to have a Zumba party and lots of fun games. Sigurado ako maraming SuperMums ang mapapasaya ulit ng group together with their husband and kids.
Mommy Chell with husband Dhon who also leads SuperdadsPH
Galing! Bilib talaga ako sa inyo, Mommy Chell. Will you still be granting the dream wedding of Supermum mommies this year?

Looking forward sis Marami po ang nagrerequest na maulit at willing naman po ang SupermumsPH Admins na mag organize ulit this year.

Modern Day Fairy Godmother: Mommy Chell with the 14 "Cinderella-moms" whose wedding wishes were granted in 2017.
We wish you the best of luck and blessings sa mga events ng group. Pero gusto ka pa namin kilalanin. Beyond being the creator of Supermums ph, sino ba talaga si Mommy Chell?

Mommy Chell in a fun selfie
Wait,  ayoko magmukhang nagbubuhat ng bangko.  😂 Kidding aside,  super kalog ako.  Mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko.  Maperfect ko lang ang itlog sa umaga para sa breakfast ng mga kids ko masaya na ako,  hindi kasi sila kumakain ng hindi well done na pagkakaluto ng egg.  😂 I am a good friend daw pagtulog sabi ng kumare ko na si Donna. 😂 And I am my husband Conradino
Fernandez, Jr's bestfrenemy: bestfriend and enemy. I love to dance kahit plus size ako.  I also love cooking. Mahilig ako mag experiment at maglagay ng twist sa mga Filipino recipes. I've been a momtrepreneur since last year. Nag o-online selling din ako, and I am also a Certified Herbalife Wellness Coach. Isa rin tlaga ito sa goal ko noon pa man na kahit full time mom and housewife ako, kahit papaano makatulong pa rin ako sa husband ko financially.

Thank you Mommy Chell, lastly, alam nyo naman tayo mga nanay nalolosyang na pa minsan, what's your secret to looking and being young. What do you do at sa'n ka natambay?

Been there,  nalosyang ako for how many years but then I realized kung bakit ako nalolosyang: nag stress eating ako. I was eating unhealthy foods.  Last year I weighed 185 pounds, sobrang hirap ako kumilos at alam ko naman hindi na tama.  I tried a healthy diet: eliminating all the bad eating habits really helped me achieve my goal.  Now, I'm just 129 pounds. I'm still working hard para sa ideal weight ko. Kung noon fast food restaurant ang favorite tambayan ko, ngayon lagi na ako sa gym. And syempre, iwasan mag isip ng negative, always be positive and happy.  Nagrereflect kasi sa physical aura natin kapag negative tayo mag isip at laging stressed. Always be thankful para hindi mabigat yung mga task natin sa araw-araw.

#healthgoals: Mommy Chell is living proof that you can achieve your goal if you set your heart and mind to it. 

Formerly a "fastfood tambay": Mommy Chell is now a "walk-the-talk" health and wellness coach who now loves to hang out in the gym and inspire other moms to be the best version of themselves.
I'm doing this for myself, and specially for my family.  Gusto ko sila maalagaan kaya sinisikap kong maging positive sa lahat ng bagay.

Yes, hindi madali sa umpisa lalo na sa age ko noon. Pero unti-unti ko naintindihan ang papel ko bilang isang ina at asawa kaya nakayanan ko at naging madali ang lahat.  Wala akong ibang sinisi. Choice ko ito.  At paninindigan ko hanggang sa huli ng buhay ko.

Iba ang nagagawa ng buong pusong pagtanggap sa role natin bilang isang ina.  Kahit anong pagsubok makakayanan natin.

Mommy Chell Fernandez: More than just a leader, she is also an advocate of mental and health wellness.
Thanks for sharing your story, Mommy Chell, and for the words of inspiration. Mommy's Tambayan is more than just grateful that you took the time for a virtual interview despite your busy schedule. You are really are an inspiring supermum and we hope to inspire other mommies in our Tambayan with your personal story and prioritize their mental and health wellness in order to achieve a healthy and wholesome family. Thanks again, sis!

You may read Mommy Chell's viral feature from Kicker Daily News here:
Never too late: “Modern day fairy godmother” grants dream wedding to 14 unwed moms

Mommy Chell is not just a Supermum, she is also a wellness coach, an online mompreneur, an events organizer and leader of the super group SuperMumsPH, to contact her for coaching, business transactions, events, and if you are interested in sponsoring or participating this year's Superfamily Day, you may contact her through Facebook account Chell Diaz Fernandez.

*All photos used in this article were used with permission from Archell Diaz Fernandez.